Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doctor Doctor

A lot has happened since I wrote my last post. Have become a mom - and life's changed forever!! With a three month old baby, there is little time to do too much - but just thought of taking out the time to make this list of Gynaecologists in Delhi. The inspiration for this post comes from personal experience - when I detected I was pregnant, I was in urgent need to see a gynae - and the one I was regularly visiting wouldn't see me as she handled only IVF cases. At a loss of who to visit, I just happened to call the speciality hospital Fortis La Femme in GK 2, Delhi and checked for the senior most doctor and I was so lucky I did not have a bad experience. Over the months and interactions with other expecting peers, I sort of now know the more popular gynaes in South Delhi. Here goes for readers, if they ever are in need of one:

  1. Manorama Bhutani - She tops the list coz its she who I went to. Operates from Moolchand and Fortis La Femme

  2. Tripat Chaudhary - Wife of another renowed doctor (don't know his name) - Very popular at Fortis La Femme - know a couple of personal acquaintances who visit her and are happy with her.

  3. Sonia Naik - Operates only from Sitaram Bhartia (Both Qutub & Gurgaon)

  4. Urvashi Sehgal - Runs her own clinic - Phoenix in GK

  5. Sonia Malik - She's the one who deals only with IVF cases. She practices from Holy Angels in Vasant Vihar with a team of lesser experienced but very friendly doctors. I was very happy when I used to visit her for my pre pregnancy consultations

  6. Puneet Bedi - For those of you who are comfortable with male gyanes, he is highly recommended by a friend. I think he operates from his own clinic in Panchsheel (not sure though)

  7. VL Bhargava - One of the more experienced doctors in town, she practices from Sitaram Bhartiya

Of course, there are lots and lots of gynaes consulting from Fortis - Some of the names that come to mind from memory (of seeing the panel on the board everytime I would wait for my turn at the doctor) are Neena Singh, Mangala Telang, Vimal Grover, Meenakshi Ahuja. I don't know of any personal acquaintances who went to these doctors - but you can still do your home work on them when looking for one.

Will continue updating this list as I hear of more doctors.


Monday, September 20, 2010

My Bucket List

I just turned 30 – and while I’m not all that sad about it (anymore) – I have been thinking of making my own bucket list of things that I’d like to do in my life in next 7 -10 years.

  1. Learn the art of pickle making – Someone mentioned recently and I couldn’t agree more – that this is one of those Indian traditions that should be passed across generations
  2. Learn to knit and sew – My grand mom used to be a champion at this one. While my mom never took to it, she championed the art of sewing (which I think is even more tough) – so I don’t think will manage the time to champion either – I do want to knit and sew atleast 1-2 things for my husband and children
  3. Learn to play the Dholki – this one is fast becoming a strong desire – have come to realize the sheer pleasure I feel singing Punjabi wedding songs - can’t help but think how much more enjoyable it would be if I knew how to play the Dholki too.
  4. Champion homemade Indian savouries – I made a start at this one by making samosas at home yesterday as a perfect accompaniment to the rainy weather. And I have to admit, that I was overjoyed – firstly to have attempted them and secondly to have learnt something from my mother in law that I was truly proud of. So what should I try next – any suggestions anyone?
  5. Champion the art of making Indian sweets – My mom is already proud of the suji halwa I make – I have to admit I love it too. Have tried Kheer once but need to take it to the level of my mom. Gajar Halwa, Dal Halwa, Mom’s Besan Burfi, Besan Laddu, G-Jams, Sandesh, Bhua’s naan khataaii – so many more to try. OMG – this just seems to be the impact of having a family that doesn’t cook eggs in the house and doesn’t enjoy western puddings and pies!! Someday, I shall make them enjoy brownie pudding and cakes too – that actually should be a separate item on this list ;)
  6. Travel – Have a separate list of the places I want to see by the time I am forty – and dear husband is petrified. For those of you who thought I only think food – travel is one of the other things I enjoy equally. Leh-Ladhakh, Kashmir, Kerala (with the husband this time), Rajasthan, New Zealand, California, Greece, Maldives, Switzerland– just went through my previous post on my travel wish list – happy to see 3 of the 12 places are already done J therefore, took the liberty of adding a few more – now that life is different with the husband for company – the more the merrier!!
  7. Paint – Recently participated in a tile painting event in Goa – and have never felt more creatively challenged!! I needed hubby to trace a pattern for me which I could paint in – took me back to the time when mom used to draw something for me and I used to colour inside!! Ghosh!! I admire people who paint well. And my ambition is not to really be an expert or create master pieces – but my brief attempts at it two years back gave me immense pleasure which I want to experience more often.

I do these and then think of more..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springdales - Long gone but yet so fresh

It's an old habit - my mind wanders over the events of my life right before I sleep. And today, it happened to go back to My School - Springdales School, Pusa Road. Coming to think of it, I spent a good chunk of my life there - 14 years!!! Dad was not in a transferable job, so did all my schooling there - maybe that's why, even today, over 12 years after passing out, memories of the place are so fresh.
I think each and every Springdalian cannot dispute that the best part about the school was that we dint have exams untill class IX - we never knew the meaning of mid terms/ final terms etc which most of the children our age were dying over when we were growing up. Study for a Monday test, do your home work and do well in class tests - That's all there was. Second, our school began at a convenient 8:40 AM which meant it ended later than most schools, but atleast we weren't getting out of the house before dawn to catch our school buses. Anyway, this post is about some of my favourite memories of the school before they fade away into what's to come in future...
  • Activity room - This takes me back to horrible milk breaks where as Nursery kids, we were forced to have sugarless plain milk (which almost always made me puke) in plastic glasses with a jam sandwich - wonder why it's the first of my favourite transformed later into the place we used to have dance classes with Mr Sinha, practice for the annual day choir and the inter house song competitions. It also used to house the book fair where I used to drag mum into buying me something. Accidentally, it was in this room also where I went through my first heart break - First day of senior school - sitting in this very room with two pig tails, we got shuffled for the first time (i.e. the Nursery A - Fifth A got split across sections ) and I was separated from my best friend :)
  • Across this was the side lawn. Besides the lawn, the place used to have a huge peepal (or banyan) tree and a sand pit. I remember spending most of my lunch breaks from class VII to class X in this place - the best friend above got into a relationship and this used to be her meeting place - I took it on me to guard her from the teachers etc.
  • Basket ball court: Come to think of it, I did spend a lot of time actually playing the game here - never made it big but I was my class captain for the post lunch break inter class basket ball matches. This also was the waiting area where the whole senior school used to wait for the gates to the parking lot to open after the 2:40 bell
  • Parking lot - Apart from being the parking area for buses - this was a special place because this is where the ice cream man use to be. What would life at school have been without the Limchus and the Oranchus and the Cabanas he used to sell. There also used to be hawkers selling these all sorts of flavoured (cola, orange, pan) candies, some churan in a red pipe and imli that we would go mad over. The vividest memory here was when all of IV A ran across the parking lot to this mini gate to bid farewell to our class teacher who everyone adored (Veena Manchanda I think!!)
  • Canteen - And the scary Mrs Sinha - She used to be so strict with us - but my mouth waters even today when I think of the chola kulcha, chowmein, patties, masala dosa and burgers she used to sell. Also the place where crates of campa cola and crush used to be the norm for any birthday treat.
  • Meal Planning room - It used to be the place to be after my electronics class - where I used to wait to taste what the best friend had made - The place forever smelt yummy - Mrs Neera Kapoor - wonder why I dint take that up as SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) given that I love to Cook!!
  • Climb up the steps from the canteen - walk straight ahead - cross 2 gates and you are in the 'Backfield'!!!!!! Undoubtedly the most special part of the school - Annual day events, sports days, school fete, PT classes, Independence day celebreations and what not!!!! There also used to be a skating rink and long jump area for a bit. Ofcourse there was the much awaited swimming pool which never saw the light of the day. Can't recall but there were these days when all of senior school used to be seated on the red steps towards the end - I remeber playing 'gitte', 'Haathi from the flowers of the Gulmohar tree', 'Antakshari' and the like..wonder how we survived without sun glasses then!!! The steps were also where you could take a peep into the Bal Bharati lawn - which of course we always looked down upon (and literally so!!) A part of the steps also opened towards the jungle on the ridge...and THAT was some experience!!!!
  • Creche - Just before entering the backfield gate, on the left was this creche - Housed in the basement were these 3 rooms which were meant to be a sort of play area for the staff member's toddler kids while they waited for their mums untill school got over. I happened to spend a lot of time there with Bunty and Bunny. I remember the creche being done up with rocks where we used to play 'Oonch Neech ka Papda' - a game where I used to HATE serving my den.
  • Friendship Hall - Another activity hall on the topmost floor of the middle school building. It was a strange place - always had pigeons (and pigeon shit) - used to flood mildly during monsoon - the roof was asbestos - but it had quite an amazing terrace. I vaguely recall it getting burnt at some point - and perhaps a faint memory of a tragedy!!
  • Library - There were 3 of them - Junior, Middle and Senior - Surprisingly remember all three - the common thing being the library cards which changed colour as we moved from one library to the other - it used to be a pain to remember carrying back the borrowed book on the days of the library period. I have to admit - I found the library periods immensly long because I wasn't the reader variety back then!!
  • TT Area - Overlooking from the Principal's office was this covered area - I frankly don;t ever remember it housing a TT Table but that's what it was called. It was mostly used for exhibitions including the summer holiday homework exhibition I remember. We also had a school brithday party there. It also was the entrance to the Medical room - Sister Rosey saw us evolve from Iodine for our wounds to the more womanly needs. It used to have these three comfy beds too - where you could have a nice nap if you wee detected with fever. In the same room was also an entrance to the quite claustrophoebic instrumental room in the basement. I would have not been there more than 5 times in my entire 14 years..but it's just stands out for its unique placement!!
  • AV Room and Art room column - Some where on the third floor ( or second) was the AV room - it had those green steel chairs - I just recall participating in a science symposium there. In the same column right under were the art room and battik room. The latter was however always a mystery - Mrs Deepali bose with her huge round bindi but beautiful art work.
  • Crafts room on the first floor - Shared by Mrs Tandon and Sir Shivram - Was fun making candles and chalks with him. Memoirs out of Mrs Tandons room is my first emroidered rose painting (still hanging in my house), a stuffed lady bird and 2 paintings we made as a class activity - one made with pista shells and bamboo, and the other with chords and mirrors. Mrs Tandon was quite the terror and the absolute opposite of Mr Shivram
  • Chemistry, Physics, Bio Labs and the Geography rooms - Considering they spell studies, life could not have been very interesting here!!
  • Music room - Ms Supriya Bose with her hanky and harmonium - we used to love being here - whether for annual day, Music periods, inter house song competetions - This is where I learnt to sing - she used to love us and we used to love her back..There were some strange Tabla and dholak teachers who used to accompany her on the Harmonium - They used to love their music but used to be a fun sight.

Awww - Those years are never going to come back - but they were the best - Someday I will go back to School with the best friend and our families. Vasudev Katumbakam

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thinking of You

Haven't been able to get you off my mind since I heard. I can call or mail or sms you - but all of it will be so meaningless. For I know that how much ever I may feel sad, try and empathise with you - I will not be able to do justice to understanding what you must be going through right now. While I can be all philosophical about it and analyse 'Life' - I wouldn't wish this for my worst enemy.

M, I can only pray that may this be the last of your sorrows - And may God give you the strength and everything else that you need to get your life back together.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Talk

I’ve had quite a few occasions to celebrate recently – I guess that’s natural when your family suddenly doubles. So currently, I have been looking at a few places in Delhi that would bail me out of a house party. May I add here, that I am pleasantly surprised with the increased options that the City has to offer since the time when I just returned from studying in Bombay. Gone are the days, when a meal at only a 5 star would mean a decent outing. Also gone are the days, where outside of the 5 stars, one had the limited, yet evergreen choices of Moti Mahal, Chor Bizzarre, Nirulas, Much later entrant PBN and the like. One factor that has possibly really improved the Food & Beverage scene in Delhi is the opening of malls, which made their debut in Gurgaon and only later hit Delhi. But, its better late than never.

Just thought I’d share some of the nicer places I have visited in the last couple of years. Some of these may be not the newest but are still nice to visit:

For the Indian food lovers, there is Veda by Rohit Bal. And the nicer part is that you no longer need to go to shady Connaught Place for the meal. There is an outlet that’s now opened at the DLF Promenade at Vasant Kunj. The interiors are quite pretty, but am not certain that they would match everyone’s tastes. While they are open for lunch and Dinner, it certainly is a dinner place. Also, avoid going there with very old people – and if you do, take up the task of ordering for them as its only a few candles and not very bright lighting that makes the place quite romantic. There is also Punjab Grill - It’s a venture by Jiggs Kalra, the food columnist and culinary writer. I will be visiting it soon, but it sure combines traditional Punjabi food with a hint of fusion (in some of their menu items) in quite a pleasantly contemporary setting. They have an outlet each at the Select City Walk Mall, Saket and the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. My vote would go to the one in Delhi – as their terrace is quite pretty. Ambience Mall, however is quite the hub for Indian food with Nawab Ganj Safari and Sahib Sindh Sultan being th other options. Zest is the venture of the DLF group into hospitality. Located at the top floor of the DLF Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj, it is the place to be currently. Serving seven cuisines, including Indian, a meal here is possibly the only thing can afford in the Mall. Getting a table there is tough even on weekdays, and they don’t take reservations beyond 8:30. They have a lounge-bar where you can wait for your table and sip a drink or two. The best place if you’d like to throw a party though, is the Terrace – just make sure you hit the right weather. What could improve at the Restaurant however, is its service. The Staff is not very well trained in F&B operations. From not knowing the menu well enough to undesirable attitude, interacting with the Restaurant Staff could possibly be the only dampener to an otherwise enjoyable evening.

The newest kid on the block of Oriental restaurants is Taman Gang. It’s at the DLF Promenade in Vasant Kunj and if I may add, ridiculously over priced (even though the vegetarian food we had was quite nice). However close by is Kylin at Basant Lok Complex, Vasant Vihar. Situated over three floors, the food is quite appetizing. Though I went there with my grand parents, amongst others, it’s more a place for the not so old. Yum Yum tree in New Friends Colony is the other place to try. The food here was excellent, the ambience chic and pleasant and the price very reasonable. Mainland China also has an outlet in Delhi at Masjid Moth. While it is a nice place and the food is good too, but the wait for the table can be quite a put off. Their other outlet in Gurgaon however seems like a better option if you don’t mind going a little outside of Delhi. Also in Gurgaon is Monk at the Galaxy Mall. Inspite of the tremendously positive feedback, it was a sheer let down. Very positively on my black list of restaurants. Something which is a mystery to me currently on the Oriental scene is Indochine. I had been there last year and had really loved the place. But too my surprise, when I went looking for it last week, it had been shut down. But I do know, that’s it moved to somewhere as I have an invite to a cocktail party there in the near future. Would be happy if someone can be help me resolve this one out.

For the more western world food, my personal old time favourites for Italian food have been Sartoria (Vasant Vihar) and Azzurro (Saket). Italics in Vasant Vihar and Tonino on MG Road are also good. New on the scene however are Magique (within garden of five senses) and Smoke House Deli at DLF Promenade. While MAgique is more rustic looking, the latter is quite chic and modern. The open air spaces in both these restaurants are the best part. In fact, at Smoke House Deli, if you manage a table outside on a weekend, you can also enjoy the very huge screen and a colourful musical fountain. Opposite Smoke house is also Mocha Art House – Am guessing owned by the same Mocha People, it seemed like a nice place for coffee. Though, the coffee, inspite of being in huge quantities is also good at Smoke House. Between the two outlets of Smoke House at Masjid Moth and Vasant Kunj, my vote would go to the latter. The most recent visit however was to Cibo at Hotel Janpath. And it was undoubtedly a very very pleasant surprise. The food is excellent and the setting quite romantic. It is a little on the expensive side, but you don't mind it all that much since the experience the restaurant offers is rather enjoyable. Continuing with Western/fusion food, there is also Tabula Rasa. This place, atleast when it opened seemed like a hot spot for the Richie Rich. I happened only to go there once, and that too when I was not paying the bill, so I cannot complain. But overall, a nice place. Close by is also Manre, with its claim to fame being the Michelin Star rating and ownership by Ramola Bachchan (Big B’s erstwhile sister in law). I am still to go there, so no reviews on it yet. Another concept that recently hit Delhi was the Italian Buffet at Frescos at Ambience Mall. Very reasonable, the place is quite a hit for someone who does not want to eat at the food court, wants a feel of good western food in a nicely done up restaurant combined with a visit to the Mall.

While I will be doing repeat visits to my latest discoveries above, am always looking for nicer places to go to. As and when, I will write more…

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She for Shop

I recently heard this saying on returning from my US trip (where I did tons and tons of shopping as usual) and I could not help but relate to it - "Whoever said money cant buy happiness did not know the right places to go and shop."

I love to Shop and I don't understand how people don't. Is it not a kick to buy something new for yourself or for your loved ones? Anyway, I dont mean to sound opinionated in this post. Instead, this post is meant to pen down some notes/tips on enthusiastic shoppers:
  • The 'Shopaholic' series by Sophie Kinsella is a must read for all the people who enjoy to shop. Its simply amazing the way you can relate to Rebecca (aka Becky) Bloomwood Brandon.
  • Its true that a lot of what is available abroad is now available in India. So shop sensibility when abroad
  • Do not shop anywhere else outside India other than USA. No, I dont intend to help the economy from recession - but you wont regret believing me. The same Zara shoes that cost 40 GBP in London cost 30 USD in New York. Bath and Body works (exclusively in USA)/ Abercrombie & Fitch/ Coach/Calvin Klein/ Ralph Lauren - All the stuff that you get at EXHORBITANT (read possibly 20 times) prices anywhere else in the world is available in the best quality in our very own shopping paradise. If you locate a factory outlet nearby, you get even luckier. I may sound like am crazy - but this is after having shopped in multiple countries (trust me, I did not return from any trip without shopping - untill I reached USA). Whoever said Thailand was a shoppers paradise!!!!
  • Fridge Magnets and souveniers make for one my most enjoyable shopping items. Recipe books is the other favourite.
  • Shoes - Can't seem to get enough. men, including my husband find it tough to relate to more than just a couple of pairs. But a nice pair of shoes can brighten the dullest of days!! But again....
  • "When women are depressed, they think of something to eat or shop. men invade another country. Its a whole different way of thinking."

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The last 6 months have been hectic, new, mysterious and a lot of fun and left me with no time to reconnect with my thoughts. But after having read some of my favourite blog rolls, I just had to write something - even if its gibberish
  • Bharat Darshan is what I am upto lately. I often wonder whether its worthwhile getting back to good old days of globetrotting instead. To add to the confusion, my husband also questions my decision on the move
  • I am no expert on marriage - but one thing for anyone who is looking to get married - its only for when one is mentally ready for it.
  • Its much simpler to complain and crib about what one does not have but much more enjoyable to cherish what you do have.
  • However corny, but I am happy when I see him happy
  • Opposites do attract - but some similarities are important
  • Us vs. I - Wish it came as a natural choice equally to all
  • Can one really have two sets of parents?? Yes. However, one being only in law, to love both equally seems to be a utopian concept. Does it mean shying away from responsibilities - NO!!
  • I never knew I could be this happy when everything around me was about change and adjustment. Thanks V!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

An old draft - Nov 2008

Not that I am getting the time to sit and think, but in the empty pockets of time, the mind wanders..towards the life ahead with all its changes. The largeness of the day fast approaching is only just settling in, and that too is just the beginning. Keeping aside the emotional quotient, a new life with new people does give me those occasional butterflies. Overall, a lot of anxiety put to rest. But sweet lord, this is it. Am going to stop making sense beyond a point because words are just not there to describe the feeling.

Now: 9 months, still settling but happiest I've ever been. Marriage - It's different!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fasting & Feasting

I have not read the book, and I don't know what it's about. But I know that I should be celebrating getting married and feasting, but am fasting instead. Without any intent of making a mockery of our Indian culture and value system, I am compelled to know the rationale behind so many beliefs that we have. And one of them being today. Will Indian husbands really live longer if their wives don't eat and drink for a day. Don't wives pray for their mates health, wealth and happiness every single day, that they need to do make special efforts on this one day in the year. Am not so much into womens lib, so am not going to go that route and argue about how men should also do something similar.

I may sound it, but I don't mean to be complainitive. It's a festival and a part and parcel of our tradition and culture. Though I may want to rationalise it, I don't think I have it in me to challenge it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Top of the world

Such a feelings coming over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Something in the wind has learnt my name
And it's telling me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasing sense of happiness for me

~ Carpenters~